American Cyber was recently invited to join the National Small Business Association (NSBA) and to be a member of their Leadership and Technology Councils.  NSBA is the nation’s foremost small business advocacy organization.  The NSBA promotes small businesses’ concerns, focusing on federal policies and legislation addressed by Congress, the Administration, State and Local Government and the Media.

Gary Winkler, American Cyber’s President, was invited to join the Association’s Leadership Council which is comprised of a select group of small business leaders from a wide array of industries throughout the country who work to ensure the needs of small businesses are addressed when shaping legislation and policies.  As a highly respected leader in the Washington, D.C., area business community, Winkler brings a wealth of federal acquisition, policy and technical experience to the Council. 

In addition to the Leadership Council, Winkler will be a member of the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC).  This council focuses on educating members, government officials and large companies relative to the value and significance of small business participation, which is often responsible for cutting edge technologies.  The SBTC also works with small businesses, encouraging collaboration in research and development (R&D) as well as transitioning these cutting edge technologies into the commercial marketplace. 

“Membership in the NSBA and participation in the Leadership and Technology Councils is an excellent opportunity to ensure that the federal government understands the role of small business in the nation’s economy and incorporates our concerns when developing and voting on legislation and reforms,” explains  Winkler.

“In addition, this will give me an opportunity to help small businesses in the technology field understand how to do business with the Federal Government.  So often entrepreneurs have fantastic ideas and have invented very valuable systems or tools but they don’t understand the challenges and pitfalls of marketing to the Federal Government.  It is very different than marketing to private sector companies,” Winkler continued.

Winkler will meet monthly with other committee members to address new issues and continue to promote the organization’ existing priorities.